App.yaml with the Job hooks installs only one

Hello! We’re demo-ing Gravity to replace homebrew scripting for a deployment of about 7 helm charts and 12 kubernetes spec files. I started out with 1 helm chart and 2 ‘kubectl apply’ type spec files to start. They all deploy as solitary install jobs on the target host fine. The cluster.tar containing all three builds and installs fine, but only one of the 3 is running at the end of the combo install. (The target host is an ec2 instance running Centos 7.8 )

The app.yaml hook section:
job: file :// install-postgresql.yaml
job: file :// install-acquisition.yaml
job: file :// install-catalog.yaml
(2 x 1 space inserted per line due to new account link restriction)

The spec and helm files are well tested otherwise, they run as-is on multiple environments. I have a feeling I missed something in the Gravity docs owing to exhaustion :slight_smile:

Thanks for fielding this newcomer’s question!


If I understand your configuration correctly, you have a manifest that lists 3 jobs under the install hook:

    job: file://install-postgresql.yaml
    job: file://install-aquisition.yaml
    job: file://install-catalog.yaml

If this is correct then I’m afraid this is not going to work as intended - only the last one will be applied as the install job. In this case, I would suggest combining the resources into a single yaml file although that’s an interesting use-case (eg listing multiple resources) which might be a future extension.

Thanks for the reply, Dmitri, the air gapped project I’m working in has about 18 helm charts + deployment yaml objects installed via bespoke bash script. I appreciate the fit and finish of Gravity compared to my cobblerScript enough that it might be worth the time to create a single app.yaml to rule them all.