AWS EKS backup tool


Can we use Gravity to create Amazon EKS clusters and to create backups in existing EKS clusters? It would be really good to handle disaster recovery scenarios.


Hi Domosi,

Gravity doesn’t currently support creating or backing up EKS clusters, and it’s not something we’re looking at for the short term.

If you’re looking at this from a disaster recover / planning perspective, Heptio Valero (formerly Heptio Ark) is a good tool that allows for backing up of cluster objects and running volume snapshots (and probably more since I last used it). A Valero backup could then be restored to a gravity cluster.

If you can get access to the underlying etcd database, we have an internal component in gravity for backing up and restoring the underlying etcd database: It’s not really flexible though, it was built to be embedded in gravity.

Otherwise, if your use case isn’t covered by other tools, we’d be interested in learning more about the use case, and whether this is something that should go on our roadmap.