Bandwagon internal server error


I’ve forked the bandwagon repo and got it working with the web installer, but very often during the install process, at the point the installer hands over to bandwagon I see an ‘Internal Server Error’ page. On checking kubectl I see that the bandwagon container isn’t ready yet – if I wait for it to be ready then refresh the web installer, everything proceeds fine. It seems it’s not waiting for bandwagon before handing over.

Is there something I can do here to get this working reliably? Any more debugging I can do?

Thank you!

Hello Toby!

How are you installing your bandwagon application and what does your install hook do?

You can update your install hook to wait for the pod to become ready. Then your install hook will return only after the pod is ready and it will be available during the custom install step.

For example, check our this sample application to see how you can use scripts in your install hook and not just single commands.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you!!

This is great - I’ll have a play. Really appreciate the help.