Best way to organize clusters/nodes?

Hello everyone,

I recently installed Teleport setup on my machines, and I am curious if you guys and girls know any organization advice. For example separate them into clusters, use labels and any other tips?

Also if anyone know how to actually do all of that even tutorial links are highly appriciated.

For anyone taking the time to read this, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Best Matt

In general my advice would be to logically group your nodes in a way that makes sense for your particular environment - for example, if you have development, staging and production environments, then add labels to your nodes like environment: development, environment: staging etc so that you can more easily filter them down within the Teleport UI or the output of tsh ls. Doing this is just a case of adding a labels section to the ssh_service part of your Teleport config file and restarting Teleport afterwards:

  enabled: true
    environment: development

We don’t have a more generic “organisation guide” available - the reason is that everyone’s environment is entirely different and making many generic recommendations without any knowledge of the layout can be more hindrance than help in many cases.