Cannot install gravity hub on Amazon AWS ec2 instance

sudo ./gravity install --advertise-addr=XXX.XXXX.XXX

It crashes, if I do gravity resume, or gravity plan , I get

[ERROR]: failed to connect to the installer service.
Use ‘gravity install’ to start the installation., failed to restart installer servic

I am able to install on local vmware esxi ubuntu but not on AWS using the ubuntu ami

Install by tele pull hub:6.0.1 , extract and running the same gravity install above.

@hdoan what is the original error you get when installing?

My initial thoughts are a couple of possibilities:

  • The vm may be not have all the required IAM permissions. It depends on where it failed during the original install. If it failed at waiting for planet to start, this can occur when failing to contact the AWS API. You can pass --cloud-provider=generic to have the installer treat the system as an on-prem cluster. Alternatively we have some reference terraform for setting up clusters/ops centers with the full AWS integrations, but it’s still a bit messy:
  • The install directory should have a telekube-install.log and telekube-system.log which may provide more debug information. On some versions this is placed in /var/log/telekube-*

Also, keep in mind, that hub is part of our commercial offering, so you’re contact at gravitational should be able to help troubleshoot.