Cluster tls certificate

Hey guys, first, I appreciate all the hard work you’re doing, 7.0 version its awesome!. I’ve been able to test beta release, testing some new features and it’s great!. I am sending you a question just in case you are not aware of this…

I’m thinking of re-using “cluster-tls” secret as the default-ssl-certificate in the nginx ingress controller of my installation. The problem is that the secret is stored in kubernetes with names that are not the standard of tls secrets in k8s (key names are not tls.cert and tls.key)…so I can’t do it, shall you give me any recommendations?


Hello @militarpancho,

This is a great point. I think we should fix our cluster-tls secret to be similar to “tls” secrets created by kubectl so it is compatible with the tools that expect that such as nginx controller that you pointed out.

I have created an issue on our side to track this and added it to the next milestone.


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