Customizing teleport appearance (bgcolor and font)?

Apologies if this is either already asked/answered or it if it is just blindingly obvious. I did a search through the forums (quickly!) and also tried options in the app but didn’t find what I was looking for.

Basically, how can I set the “theme” of the terminal? I prefer a black background but teleport comes up with a deep navy-ish blue. And similarly I’d love to set the font of the terminal window/widget. I have some customized prompts that need the “Nerd” fonts to display properly.

Any help is much appreciated.

There’s currently no way to manage or override this yourself within Teleport’s settings.

The code for the web UI is open source ( so you could potentially make modifications to that to suit your needs, compile the webapps code and then use this to compile your own custom build of Teleport…

Thanks for reply. It’s a great tool, even without user customization. I’m sure user customization has come up in your design meetings so I guess I’m hoping some future release might provide this?

Thinking that the effort to clone/hack/etc is just not worth it. For me right now.


That’s no problem. Please raise a feature request on Github if it’s something like you’d like to see added to Teleport!