Disable image discovery

Is there a way to disable image discovery when building with tele? I am bundling charts including third party charts that include images that we do not use. I am using imageSet to specify all images that should be bundled. I looked into the ignore options but they seem to only work on specific image names

Hi there!

The way tele build works with Helm charts is the charts are rendered first (using same code as helm template command does) and then the image references are parsed from the rendered templates.

So as an idea, could you provide appropriate --set and/or --values flags to your tele build command so the resources you’re not using from 3rd party charts aren’t rendered during vendoring process?

There is also a hidden --ignore flag to tele build that accepts a mask (in Go regex format) for files/directories to skip, but in case of Helm charts it only allows to skip entire charts (i.e. it doesn’t support skipping certain files within a chart directory - not sure it’d work for your use-case, if you only need to omit only some chart images.


That is the behavior I was looking to have with the --ignore flag, but I probably didn’t have the regex correct. It was easy enough to helm package the chart so it would not be parsed. I’ll go back to the --ignore flag and work on getting that to work. Thank you for the response.