Error while adding new node to cluster

Hi, am trying to add new nodes to teleport but keep getting this error:

ERRO [PROC:1] Node failed to establish connection to cluster: Get x509: cannot validate certificate for because it doesn’t contain any IP SANs. service/connect.go:65

I am not using any DNS service in my setup and reckon that could be the reason for the failure. Is there any particular way I need to setup my auth server for it to work without the DNS?

If you want to use IP addresses, you’ll need to set the public_addr for the auth_service to the IP address in your config file, like so:


After this, restart Teleport and give it another try.

I did that but am having an issue running ‘teleport start -c teleport.yaml -d’ with the new config, it brings up an error that the ports are already bound to. How do I restart the service with new configs in this case?
Am following the local-cluster setup for on-prem servers

How did you install Teleport? If you’re using the systemd unit file, then you’d have to run systemctl restart teleport.service.

Otherwise, you’d need to send a signal to the existing Teleport process to tell it to shut down - something like kill -s TERM $(pidof teleport) - then you could relaunch the daemon again.