Export influxdb/grafana metrics to company's influxdb/grafana


Is it possible to export the influxdb/grafana metrics that we see in the web console to a different instance of influxdb? I work for a company where the TIG stack is the monitoring standard with all our metrics in a central influxdb and SSO enabled grafana dashboards. We want to see if there’s a possibility of getting the metrics we see in the Gravity web console to our own instance of Grafana. I know we can do that for logs using the logforwarder resource. Is there something similar for grafana metrics?
Please let me know.


Hey, @abd.wsu!

I haven’t tried but looks like this input plugin should help. You can create deployment with telegraf, which should have that plugin + 2 influxdb outputs. One to our internal influxdb and another one to you external. There is still limitations around CREATE DATABASE queries and maybe any other queries like CREATE/ALTER USER though.