Gravity 5.5.50 LTS Now Available

5.5.50 LTS (July 31st, 2020)


  • Gravity debug report will now include gravity CLI command history (#1858, #1895).
  • Improve gravity status performance in case of many namespaces/services (#1869).
  • Improve error messages when some Teleport nodes are unavailable prior to upgrade (#1874).
  • Update gravity plan resume command to launch from a systemd service by default, --block flag is supported for old behavior (#1899).
  • Add ability to follow operation plan using gravity plan --tail command (#1899).
  • Gravity will now report a warning if installed kernel is older than the recommended 3.10.0-1127 version (#1919, planet#708, satellite#249).
  • Gravity will now check tiller server health prior to upgrade (#1916).
  • Add ability to update Teleport auth servers using gravity system teleport set-auth-servers command (#1944).
  • Upgrade agents will now restart automatically if nodes reboot during upgrade (#1951).
  • Add ability to display deployed agent status using gravity agent status command (#1951).


  • Fix an issue with InfluxDB continuous queries resulting in max series limit exhaustion (#1838).
  • Fix an issue with kube-dns resources potentially remaining when upgrading from 5.2 (#1865).
  • Fix an issue with creating custom rollups (#1896).