Gravity 7.0.17 LTS Now Available

7.0.17 LTS (September 30th, 2020)


  • Tune gravity to support up to 1000 nodes (#2159).
  • Introduce reconciliation loop to disable source/dest check when using AWS integrations (#2163).
  • Include additional gravity configuration within debug reports (#2162).
  • Verify agents are active before resuming operations (#2073).
  • Shrink operation resiliency improvements (#2114).
  • Optimize etcd upgrade to avoid steps that are no longer required (#2098).
  • Add check that state dir has expected uid/gid set (#2058).
  • Add check that env variables for http(s) proxy are the correct format (#2062).


  • Fix an issue with operations stalling when gravity-site or etcd is down (#2166).
  • Fix an issue with wizard installation (#2137).
  • Fix an issue with a cluster reporting as online when some nodes have been partitioned (#2131).
  • Fix an issue with syncing to the registry when using custom planet containers (#2080).
  • Fix an issue with selinux installs rhel/centos 7 (#2012).