Gravity Install on oracle cloud

I am using gravity version 7.0.27 to deploy the application to an existing cluster. One issue i am having is that gravity fails to push images to the registry. I tried docker login and docker push and was able to push images. When gravity pushes an image i get the following error.

denied: User UserId(ocid1.user.oc1..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...) cannot UploadDockerLayer on resource bitnami/postgresql in CompartmentId(ocid1.tenancy.oc1..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...)

I am in the group administrator so i should have permissions. One issue i noticed is that the compartment ocid does not match the compartment that i have in oci. I am using the following in my gravity install command to pass credentials.<tenancynamespace> --registry-username=<tenancynamepace>/<username> --registry-password="xxxxxxxxxxx"

The command we are using to install is

gravity app install app-0.0.1.tar<tnancynamespace> --registry-username="<tenancynamespace>/<username>" --registry-password="xxxxx" --debug --name=test --namespace=default

I also tried removing the tenancy namespace and adding it as the registry-prefix.

gravity app install app-0.0.1.tar --registry-username="<tenancynamespace>/<username>" --registry-password="xxxxx" --debug --name=test --namespace=default --registry-prefix=<tenancynamespace>

both return the same error.