Gravity install --set flag not working

I am trying to set a helm value at install time using gravity 7.0.16, but the --set flag has no effect.

My install command is as follows:
sudo ./gravity install --set=manager_base_uri=""

My values.yaml file has the following contents:
registry: # blank value overridden by install hook kubernetes job

manager_base_uri: # blank value to be set at install time

Checking values with the following command only shows a value for registry:
sudo helm get values project-name

Can anyone advise on what I might have missed, or an alternative way to set this value at install time? I’m setting registry value to the internal registry using an kubernetes job (as per the gravity quickstart example), which works, but the value in the job can’t be set by the user at install time.

@dsmith Hi there!

The values you provide to the install (or upgrade) command are collected in a /var/lib/gravity/helm/values.yaml file that gets mounted inside the hooks, which you can then apply to your hook’s Helm install/upgrade commands.

Take a look at for more details and let us know if you have any questions.


Thanks r0mant - I didn’t realise that the new values file had to be explicitly applied during the helm install command.

I’ve added --values "/var/lib/gravity/helm/values.yaml" to my helm install in my install job and it is now working as expected:

  - /usr/local/bin/helm
  - install
  - /var/lib/gravity/resources/project-name
  - --set
  - registry=leader.telekube.local:5000
   - --values
  - /var/lib/gravity/helm/values.yaml
  - --name
  - project-name

As a note for future readers, helm install still respects the --set argument in addition to the new values file. Values from a different values file (eg. the one used in the build step) will be lost, however.