Helm Install with multiple value files

I was inquiring on github how to use this tool to deploy using helm value files that overwrite each other. example:
Will this provide the same functionality that executing a “helm install” with value overwriting from multiple value files ex.
helm install . -n nodde_name --namespace dev -f ./values.yaml -f ./dev.yaml --debug --dry-run

With this command dev.yaml overwrites values in values.yaml, if this the functionality that was built into this change?

Would I do something like:
tele build -o project.tar mattermost/resources/app.yaml --values values.yaml --values dev.yaml

Sorry for the question but I know it just got merged and I don’t see it in the documentation.

I was responded with a yes but was told I needed to also include this command else where during the install process. I wasn’t sure where or how to get this command executed.

github link: https://github.com/gravitational/gravity/pull/909

I believe I have found the answer. In the quickstart guide on github it shows how to do multi-helm installs. link: https://github.com/gravitational/quickstart/blob/master/examples/multi-helm-install/resources/install.sh

In this shell script it executes two helm install commands where I believe I should be able to put something like /usr/local/bin/helm install /var/lib/gravity/resources/charts/mattermost --namespace dev -f ./values.yaml -f ./dev.yaml --debug --dry-run

Where the value files are overwritten correctly. This shell file is called from a custom install.yaml file that was called by a custom install hook in the app.yaml, which is the application manifest for the project. I will test this and confirm the results.