How can i use teleport to manage my workloads?

Hi there,
Recently,i am planning to use teleport to manage my AWS EKS workload. After going through the website (Kubernetes Access Guide | Teleport Docs), I still have no idea how to use teleport to manage my workloads :frowning:
I installed teleport on one AWS EC2 instance and connect to my EKS cluster. After login teleport proxy webUI, I can only see teleport instance. None of the EKS nodegroup. Is it expected to see my EKS nodegroup? Or workloads like pod,statefulset,deployment in teleport proxy webUI ? (Just like k8s dashboard,Lens etc)
I tried deploying teleport pod inside EKS cluster. And i can successfully see teleport pod in the proxy webUI. Then how can i make other pods or workloads listed in the proxy webUI ?
One way i can think of is to install teleport agent to other pods,using sidecar…But if i use this way, pods would be too…heavy weight,right ?

Can anyone share the solutions or experience ?
Can teleport do the same way as k8s dashboard/Lens/K9s ?


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