Install new application into existing gravity cluster

I have built an empty gravity single node cluster (no additional apps, using image from tele pull gravity:6.2.2). I am trying to install a new single application into this cluster, but I am having some trouble. I am using the following in the app.yaml:

kind: Application

It builds fine with the following command:

tele build -o test-app-0.0.1.tar resources/app.yaml

I transfer it to the cluster node and attempt to install with the following command:

gravity app install test-app-0.0.1.tar

But I receive the following error:

[ERROR]: {“message”:“chart metadata (Chart.yaml) missing”}

The Chart.yaml does exist in the resources/charts directory. I have successfully installed this same test application when bundled with the initial cluster (using apiVersion: and kind: Cluster).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!

Hi @54321dev, can you please share your Chart.yaml file?


I am installing the kubernetes-dashboard from the helm repo on GitHub. The only change is the version. I have included in below. Thank you for your help!

apiVersion: v1
name: kubernetes-dashboard
version: 1.10.0+zeta.1
appVersion: 1.10.1
description: General-purpose web UI for Kubernetes clusters
- kubernetes
- dashboard
- name: kfox1111
- name: desaintmartin

The only other changes that were made to the original helm chart were for the image/repository in the values.yaml and deployment.yaml.

Thanks again!

The Chart.yaml appears to be fine.

One thing I’ve seen returning a similar error is if you are using a file://... url in a requirement repository you need to point the url to the requirement itself instead of the folder which contains the requirement chart. Not sure if that is the case in this instance.