Installing Teleport on all nodes when working with OpenSSH

I use several servers with the auth role and several with the proxy role. Do I need to install Teleport with the node role on other servers if I will only work using OpenSSH?

I signed the rest of the servers using the teleport CA and everything works fine. Sessions are recorded in the proxy mode.

Installing teleport to other nodes will only allow me to use the connection without OpenSSH?
Or will it give me some other advantages?

Using the Teleport node service means you don’t have to sign certiifcates for each of your OpenSSH nodes using tctl auth sign --host=hostname. If you’re using proxy recording mode and you’ve set proxy_checks_host_keys: no in your Teleport config, this probably doesn’t matter.

It also allows you to have sessions recorded on the node, but again, if you’re using proxy recording mode this doesn’t matter.

The other thing you lose is limiting access to hosts by label, but this is only relevant to Teleport Enterprise. Essentially if you have a working configuration with OpenSSH that you’re happy with then there’s really no need to run the Teleport node service at all.