Interacting with Teleport via user program


I have been using Teleport for quite a while, and am immensely satisfied with it. It makes managing remote devices extremely simple. But I find using Bash for all my scripting to be rather cumbersome, and I am a sucker for compiled languages. So I was wondering if its possible to interact with the Teleport server, obtaining information like nodes, clusters, etc. via a proper programming language API.

I couldn’t really locate anything in the docs, and haven’t found anything while searching the forums/google. If you can point me towards how I might do that, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and best regards,


Hi - great to hear you enjoy Teleport and find it useful. bash is the best language as far as I’m concerned :wink:

We don’t currently have a lot of API support in Teleport but it’s something we actively want to improve, and soon. We’re currently running a survey here which would let you specify how you’d like to use the API, what languages would be useful to you, etc. Please add your responses so we can gather data about what we should work on first!

If you’re any good with Golang, you might be able to take a look at our teleport-plugins repository and see how those plugins interact with Teleport programmatically. We do also have an example Go client but it isn’t particularly up to date - again, this is something we want to improve soon.