Issue passing CIDR values in cluster config

With Gravity 5.5.7, I’m having trouble setting up the cluster config to use a service CIDR port range.

I have the following config file:

kind: ClusterConfiguration
version: v1
      # represents the IP range from which to assign service cluster IPs
      serviceCIDR:  ""
      # CIDR range for Pods in cluster
      podCIDR: ""

But when I run gravity install and pass in the --config=cluster-config.yaml file, it ends up blowing up at the Wait for cluster to pass health checks stage. If I manually try do a kubectl command, I get:

# kubectl get pods --all-namespaces
Unable to connect to the server: x509: certificate is valid for,,,, not

Which seems to match the serviceCIDR setting above and it’s causing problems.

Interestingly, if I pass the same flags on the command line - --pod-network-cidr="" --service-cidr="" - it works just fine and everything starts up as expected.

Any ideas what the issue might be?

Thanks for reporting this, one of our engineers is looking at this, will update the post.

Thanks Sasha. I’ve actually found several other issues (I also opened a PR for one of them on gravitational/planet). Should I file the ones that are clearly bugs on GitHub?

Sure, if you are confident that this is a bug, feel free to create an issue.

Hey @sasha - wanted to check if you happened to know the status on this. Right now we are forced to pass the CIDR range on the CLI, and would love to move it to a config file.