Load Balancing On Prem

Kubernetes Newbie here. I see that a lot of cool services(e.g promtheus) are bundled in the gravity installed kubernetes. Is there a load balancer as well? How do you normally do load balancers on prem and connect them to the k8 cluster?

I have an Nginx Ingress controller setup.

I see this in the docs:
“After provisioning of Gravity Hub cluster, create the DNS A-records pointing at either the provisioned cloud load balancer (if the cluster was created on a cloud account) or at the IP of the host.”

which indicates that I can use the host server but if it fails, just curious how have you designed for that issue?

In the current releases of gravity, we don’t have a great story for on-prem load balancers. Many of our clusters are deployed in a model where the customer brings their own load balancer. This obviously isn’t ideal, but where gravity got started, most customers are large enterprises, that have their own LB’s available.

One of the things we’ve been talking about for gravity 7 to extend the use case, but I haven’t started working on yet, would be to deploy something like metallb in layer 2 mode, which can give a floating IP or multiple floating IPs to the cluster, which then are used when a customer LB isn’t available. This would mean an IP is provisioned that simply moves to an available node, and that particular node is responsible for distributing traffic within the cluster. This is great for small clusters, but doesn’t necessarily scale.

For a higher throughput / higher scale system, that’s probably something to work with our team on a case by case basis.

Thank you. That gives me great insight into on prem load balancers.

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