Moving Local User Database

I have a running Teleport setup with users stored in the local user database. I’d like to spin up another Teleport setup, and copy the user database over so users don’t have to go through the new account process again. Is this possible?

Hi @thetuber,

Have you considered linking the two clusters via a Trusted Clusters relationship? This would allow your users to authenticate once through the root cluster but still have access to the leaf cluster resources as if authenticating directly through the leaf cluster.

You can find more information about Trusted Clusters here:

There is a limitation with the OSS version of Teleport in that you can only map the admin role to admin, however, if you’re authenticating all users with same permissions this shouldn’t be an issue and should work fine across multiple clusters.

If you require more robust RBAC support or external SSO authentication options for multiple clusters, please take a look at our Teleport Enterprise offering.

Additionally, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to let me know.