Multiplying `forward` commands

We have some teleport proxies to access private resources (obvs) and they seem to be running

/usr/local/bin/teleport forward

commands periodically. Sometimes these commands don’t close and start to pile up. We periodically get SSH errors (channel [0-9]+: bad ext data errors), which go away if we ssh to the proxy instance directly and kill the piled up forward processes.

Does anyone know why these get created, what user actions initiate them, and how to control this? It’s a stumbling block for us in providing an otherwise seamless experience to our engineers.

This is an interesting one. Could you submit a bug report with more details and repro steps via Github please? That way we can investigate this properly and make sure we get a fix out for the problem. Thanks.

Yeah, will do. I’ve setup a script to watch how the forward calls behave over time, maybe that will help the report.

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Looks like there is some upward creep in these processes, although not as dramatic as I’ve seen cause problems.

I’ll include in my report.

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