No runtime application defined

I’m trying to use tele to build a gravitational app from a helm chart, and getting the following.

* [1/6] Selecting base image version
        Will use base image version 5.5.8
* [2/6] Local package cache is up-to-date
* [3/6] Embedding application container images
        Detected Helm chart /tmp/vendor006452303/resources
        Will skip unrecognized object in Helm chart /tmp/vendor006452303/resources: apiVersion=/, kind=
        Using local image
        Using local image nginx:stable
        Using local image busybox
        Vendored image gravitational/debian-tall:0.0.1
        Vendored image busybox
        Vendored image nginx:stable
* [4/6] Creating application
* [4/6] Build aborted after 5 seconds 
[ERROR]: no runtime application defined

Any thoughts on what we mean by runtime application?

I think that the reason that you’re getting this error is because you have a systemOptions section in your application manifest (as per but there is no runtime key under this section to specify the version of Kubernetes that should be used.

Try adding this section to your mainfest and running tele build again:

    version: "1.13.5"