Patching OS and rebooting node


In k8s if I want to patch my nodes (controller/worker) I just cordon the node so all pods are gracefully “migrated” to another node, then I proceed with the patching and reboot.

In a gravity cluster, which has extra “gravity components”, what is the procedure to patch and reboot a node? Is there some gravity command I need to run? Do I need to gracefully stop and start the “gravity services” etc.

Basically what is the procedure to patch and reboot a node in a gravity cluster?


Nevermind. I found an answer in another post on this forum.
Just need to drain the node / cordon, patch the node, then uncordon. So just standard k8s, nothing different with gravity involved.

Hey @flarierza,

Happy you found your answer. You are correct in terms of just standard k8s. In relation to Gravity the steps would just be:

  1. While on master node gravity shell and use kubectl to drain node
  2. Preform action on the node
  3. Back on master node, gravity shell to uncordon the node

Detailed further in the post you mentioned here.

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