Proxy failed attempt connecting to auth server

Ported from community slack

Hi all, has anyone hit this error?

INFO [PROC:1]    Proxy failed attempt connecting to auth server: 
Get https://teleport.cluster.local/v2/authorities/host/grv8-teleport?load_keys=false:
 x509: certificate is valid for *.grv8-teleport.<company>.com, 
not 677276382d74656c65706f7274.teleport.cluster.local. 

In my setup my auth server is sitting behind an AWS ALB serving a valid TLS cert.

And I have setup the auth_servers in teleport.yaml. But for some reason, the domain name is still the default one.

Teleport auth server is using its own x509 certificate authority, so you have to use TCP load balancing in front of auth servers’s port 3025 and do not terminate TLS.