Proxy web traffic via teleport

I have a node on a cluster behind a firewall that I can reach via tsh but I need to install updates on it via apt-get and was wondering if there is a way to forward all web traffic via the main proxy over ssh ? So as an exampleI I would like to setup the yum or apt-get conf to point to a local binded port like and then it would tunnel all such traffic via the proxy?

I think you could use standard SSH port forwarding that works with teleport. You can also use SOCKS5 mode with tsh or ssh.

Some links:

I did try using tsh with -D command which sort of works and then blows up usually. I was thinking maybe using the “ssh -R” with tsh command but seems that is not supported on “tsh”

What do you mean by blows up :slight_smile: Can you share some logs/error you are getting?