Pull docker images from leader.telekube.local registry inside a pod

Is there a way to pull images inside a pod from the local registry without hardcoding the ip address?.
We need to pull images from the local registry in a dind inside a pod and the coredns doesn’t resolve the registry and we dont know what could be the best way to handle this…

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Hmm, this is sort of an interesting problem. We generally set up routing to the registry within our planet service, as it’s generally docker that needs to interact with the registry. This is done through leader.telekube.local:5000, but that name isn’t replicated into the cluster DNS.

I think what would probably work, is using kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local DNS host, as the running instance of the kubernetes API server configures that endpoint to be the host the api is running on, which will also be running a registry instance. So kubernetes.default.svc.cluster.local:5000 should always point to a registry instance.

A couple of notes:

  • It isn’t safe to push to this registry. We don’t actively replicate pushed images, so on a failover, images that are manually pushed will not appear automatically on the new node. We currently only replicate images that are part of the install or upgrade bundles.
  • This isn’t a use case we explicitly support, so if it does work, it isn’t guaranteed to work in the future.

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