Session disconnected after a minute

I’m seeing my sessions being disconnected after one minute of being idle. The logs in the node show this:

ERRO [NODE]      agent server for user "kenske" stopped: accept unix /tmp/teleport-688045490/teleport-33.socket: use of closed network connection id:6 idle:5m0s local: login:root remote: teleportUser:kenske regular/sshserver.go:791

I have the idle timeout set to 5m:

  enabled: "yes"
  client_idle_timeout:  5m

Any ideas on why the connection is being closed early? Thanks!

Hey @kenske, what Teleport version are you using? Also do you have any load balancers? If so, what type?

Timeouts like this are often due to load balancers having internal timeouts configured that are shorter than your client_idle_timeout.

I’d start by taking a look there, and if you can share some more details we can try to assist further.

Hope this helps! Thanks

Thanks @abdu! I looked into the configuration of our AWS ALB and saw that we had a 60 second timeout. I increased that to 600 and that seems to have fixed the issue.

Awesome, happy that resolved the issue for you!