SSH to no-nodes using ProxyJump/ProxyCommand

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Now that i have my openssh-client working with the teleport bastion i’m testing to use it in order to connect to server where i can’t install teleport nodes services or set them as sshd nodes without a lot of paperwork using simple ProxyJump and correct ProxyCommand on my .ssh/config file.
It’s working nicely except that i have no traces of my connection through the web interface.

I think that it’s because i’m using teleport with session_recording: "" on my teleport wich is set as default to node.
Will it work if i put the session_recording : proxy to record connection from the bastion to classic sshd server?

I will make some test when all my users are not using teleport.
Thanks for your feedback and thanks for this tools.

Yes, It should work with a proxy recording mode

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