Tele build fails after building gravity from source

I have built gravity from source so I can use the new nginx ingress functionality that is coming in gravity 7.1. However, when I run tele build it complains that there are no matching images. Is this the intended behaviour, or is there a way I can access a 7.1 alpha image and build with that?

ubuntu@microk8s-vm:~/project$ ~/go/bin/tele build ./app.yaml --overwrite
Fri Oct  2 08:04:14 UTC Building cluster image senceiveio-local 0.0.1 from manifest
Fri Oct  2 08:04:14 UTC Selecting base image version
    Will use base image version 7.1.0-alpha.1.212
Fri Oct  2 08:04:14 UTC Downloading dependencies from s3://
Fri Oct  2 08:04:15 UTC Build finished in 1 second
[ERROR]: base image version 7.1.0-alpha.1.212 not found

The Makefile is somewhat confusing in this regard. Basically, you need to create a local package directory using the target named packages:

$ make production packages

I’ve paired this with the production target so it pulls/builds the dependent tarballs.
After that, specify the state directory in tele build:

$ tele build ./app.yaml --overwrite --state-dir=~/project/build/7.1.0-alpha.1.212/state

Thanks Dmitri, this solution works and I’ve got the ingress running.

Out of curiosity, do you have a rough ETA on when a v7.1 beta might become available? I realise it could be a while as there are still a fair few open issues for 7.1 on github