Teleport 4.1.0-beta.3 Release Now Available

We are looking for feedback from the community on the beta release of Teleport 4.1.

Download is available at

This release was focused on stability improvements and contains the following features and fixes:


  • Support for IPV6 #2124
  • Kubernetes support does not require SNI #2766
  • Support use of a path for auth_token in teleport.yaml #2515
  • Implement ProxyJump compatibility #2543
  • Audit logs should show roles #2823
  • Allow tsh to go background and without executing remote command #2297
  • Provide a high level tool to backup and restore the cluster state #2480
  • Investigate nodes using stale list when connecting to proxies (discovery protocol). #2832


  • Proxy can hang due to invalid OIDC connector #2690
  • Proper -D flag parsing #2663
  • tsh status does not show correct cluster name #2671
  • Teleport truncates motd with PAM #2477
  • Misc fixes around error handling and reporting

Warning Beta releases should be used at your own risk.