Teleport unexpected disconnected

My teleport community latest version (4.1.7)got problem with connection:

  • All EC2 instances show correctly
  • ALB timeout 15 mins
  • Port opened correctly
    Let’s say I have 5 instance: A-B-C-D-E
    I login to instance A -> succeed, then close, retry login instance A -> terminal showed red msg “Disconnected”. Retry again still disconnected, retry again succeeded. There is no delay in retry action, I retry login continuously.
    It’s happen to all instances.

The another concern is:

  • Can we config the password length, set strong password ?
  • Can we config the rotation password ? expired in 3 months or 6 mnths …

Can you please run the Teleport auth server and proxy server in debug mode (using teleport start --debug on the command line, or set DEBUG in the logging configuration) and then share those debug logs with us? Please make sure that these logs contain an example of when a login is both successful (web terminal start) and unsuccessful (‘disconnected’ message).

You mention you’re using an ALB - can you explain in a bit more detail how the load balancers and target groups are configured for Teleport? Sharing your Teleport config file would also be useful.

Teleport’s internal user database does not currently support either of these things. To achieve such goals, we would recommend using an identity/single sign-on provider which does allow the configuration of password policies in conjunction with the Enterprise version of Teleport.