Terraform asks for a license

Where do I get a community license? Terraform wants a license even though I am using OSS rather than Pro or Enterprise

There is no such thing as a community license, but I understand what you’re saying - our reference Terraform currently requires you to provide a license file in order for it to run properly.

One way you can work around this is just to set that variable to the path to any file (like an empty text file called /home/user/license.txt or similar) - Terraform just copies this file into the S3 bucket provided and then downloads it onto the auth server instance, there’s no actual validation done on the file itself by Terraform.

Once you’ve deployed, you might see that the Teleport auth server fails to start because the license file is invalid. If this is the case, edit /etc/teleport.yaml on the auth server, remove the license_file: /var/lib/teleport/license.pem line from it and then restart Teleport, the community edition should work fine.

I’ll raise an issue to make providing the license optional to allow Terraform to work more readily with the community edition.

I raised https://github.com/gravitational/teleport/issues/2977, but this actually turned out to be a much easier fix than I thought.

@smpnet74 If you pull the latest changes to the master branch you should be able to run Terraform without a license file now. Let me know how you get on.