Hi All,

I’m trying to deploy multiple configurations like log forwarding and certs with terraform, my gravity version is 5.5, following the installation steps of gravity plugin for terraform, I only get tele and tsh downloaded, not the actual plugin for terraform.

I builded the plugin and got a mismatch on the version.

Error: Failed to instantiate provider "gravity" to obtain schema: Incompatible API version with plugin. Plugin version: 4, Client versions: [5]

so I switched the tag of the git repository to 5.5.28

did other build and I do get the after running the make a file called build/5.5.28/terraform-provider-gravity

After replacing the plugin I get the same message with a version mismatch.

any ideas on how to get the proper version of the terraform plugin?

I’m running terraform from a Mac

Thanks in advance,

The error you reported appears to be related to terraform itself. When the plugin was developed it was created against the terraform V4 API. It looks like since then terraform has updated to a V5 API, which it is now reporting as incompatible.

I haven’t seen any use of the terraform plugin since it was developed, so I’m going to look into whether we’re going to EOL the plugin or consider whether to update it.