Tsh not logging in to cluster -failed to remove symlink

I am currently testing teleport trusted clusters.
I can log on to the main cluster just fine with the webconsole and i see the other clusters .
But when trying to logon with tsh client i stumbled upon this error and I am stuck
I have already checked the rights on the .tsh folder and I have full control RW
When logging on i see 2 files created profile and host.yaml with type symlink , but they are both 0 Bytes

I am using tsh client version Teleport v4.2.9 git:v4.2.9-0-ga4bd6c36 go1.13.2 with an Windows 2016 server

DEBU [KEYSTORE] Adding known host main with key: SHA256:vGQCCM5N3/BCxB1A39FhgUBgNiM2iBBNuLxxuynR7n8 client\keystore.go:355
WARN [CLIENT] Failed to create profile alias: symlink TP-PRX-main.yaml C:\Users\user.tsh/TP-PRX-MAIN.yaml: A required privilege is not held by the client. client\profile.go:148
WARN [CLIENT] Failed to remove symlink: remove C:\Users\user.tsh\profile: The system cannot find the file specified. client\profile.go:155
Not logged in.
What can be wrong ?
PS: i tested on a windows 10 client and it works just fine …

Usually this message (A required privilege is not held by the client) is caused when the Windows installation enforces that executables must be trusted, and the executable that’s running (tsh.exe in this case) is not.

I am not a Windows expert, but my guess would be that if you can get Windows to trust tsh.exe then this issue should go away. You can try right-clicking tsh.exe, going to Properties and looking through the Advanced Settings to see whether this can help.