Update a single image in gravity installation for debugging

I wanted to debug something in a single docker image, I thought the process will be very simple,
I uploaded the docker image from gravity shell using

docker import patch.tar
docker tag d870d2c96d18 leader.telekube.local:5000/imagename:da8879733
docker push leader.telekube.local:5000/imagename:da8879733

but when the container runs it pulls the old image back, is there a way to push an image to gravity registry, or usually how can we patch something?

  • The easiest method is generally to host the image on another registry, and update the objects to point to that build registry, instead of the local one.

  • In order to import an image into the local registry, you need to make sure you’re not using a tag that conflicts with one from the application. Gravity-site re-syncs the docker registries with the images from the application every minute, so it’s expected that it will overwrite any changes back to the image specified at build time.

A limitation of this approach also, is in a multi-master cluster, if there is a failover for any reason, leader.telekube.local will point to a registry on a different node, which won’t have you’re new image:tag. If a new master is added or an existing master replaced, it also won’t have the manually added images.