Update application version in gravity status

I have a helm application which I updated via helm upgrade manually (docker images are in cloud repo), the new application is running but gravity status is showing old value, is there any way we can update that in gravity to show the new version?

Application: App 0.0.1 -> App 0.0.2

I assume you’re referring to the version that get’s set in the app.yaml when doing tele build for a cluster image. The version in gravity status is tracked by this field, and not any version information tracked within helm.

To my knowledge, we also don’t have an easy way to change our internal state on the application version without actually running an upgrade. It also might be risky to try and hack the internal state to change the version shown, as it might also be tracked internally for things like keeping the docker images in the registry (we clean up images referred to be old versions).

The only way I can think of would be to actually build a new version and do the upgrade. The upgrade hook itself doesn’t need to do anything, but the upgrade process would fully run, updating any internal state, as well as the version identifier.