Upgrade from 6.1.18 to 6.1.29 fails

I tried to upgrade to 6.1.29 from 6.1.18 but the upgrade fails, gravity plan shows following error, should the image call logging-app instead of log-hook, am I missing something?

The /runtime/logging-app phase ("Update system application \"logging-app\" to 6.0.4") has failed
Job was active longer than specified deadline

kubectl describe po logging-app-update-f2b3e0-2lndw -n kube-system
  Normal   Scheduled  18m                   default-scheduler      Successfully assigned kube-system/logging-app-update-f2b3e0-2lndw to
  Normal   Pulling    18m                   kubelet,  Pulling image "leader.telekube.local:5000/gravitational/debian-tall:buster"
  Normal   Pulled     18m                   kubelet,  Successfully pulled image "leader.telekube.local:5000/gravitational/debian-tall:buster"
  Normal   Created    18m                   kubelet,  Created container init
  Normal   Started    18m                   kubelet,  Started container init
  Normal   Pulling    17m (x4 over 18m)     kubelet,  Pulling image "leader.telekube.local:5000/log-hook:6.0.4"
  Warning  Failed     17m (x4 over 18m)     kubelet,  Failed to pull image "leader.telekube.local:5000/log-hook:6.0.4": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: manifest for leader.telekube.local:5000/log-hook:6.0.4 not found
  Warning  Failed     17m (x4 over 18m)     kubelet,  Error: ErrImagePull
  Warning  Failed     8m48s (x40 over 18m)  kubelet,  Error: ImagePullBackOff
  Normal   BackOff    3m55s (x61 over 18m)  kubelet,  Back-off pulling image "leader.telekube.local:5000/log-hook:6.0.4"

Can you describe your set up in more detail - i.e. number of nodes, number of control plane nodes. Also, it would be helpful if you could share the gravity-site Pods logs.