Upgrading Helm to 2.16+ or 3.0+

I’m trying to set up an nginx ingress for my gravity cluster on the latest community edition (7.0.16). Since built-in nginx ingress support won’t arrive until gravity 7.1, I’m looking at installing the nginx ingress operator with helm. However, this requires helm 2.16+ or 3.0+, and gravity is still on helm version 2.15. What is the best way for me to upgrade helm?

I did notice an existing topic about upgrading helm, but it’s over a year old and was resolved by dev action, so I’m writing this as a new topic.

While perhaps not official, I have successfully used Helm 2.16.7 by creating a custom Planet container image which includes this version of Helm and updating the symlinks. In addition I’ve included tiller v2.16.7 chart in the tele build process. Finally within my install hook my script runs helm init --wait --upgrade -i <path to tiller img> so that the client from the Planet image matches the tiller version running.

While there are some unknowns about how this affects some functionality, it has worked for me so far. I have not tried with Helm v3 however.

Thanks @mmellin. Currently I am working around the issue by building gravity from source so I can use the built-in nginx instead of installing nginx with helm.