Upgrading the cluster via Cluster control panel

Hi!!, thanks for the great work you are doing. I have a question about a part of the documentation ( “Updating the cluster” section): after uploading a new version of the cluster, i’m not be able to trigger the upgrade through the Cluster Control Panel, is this a known error or i need something more to achieve this behaviour. Thanks in advance!

Hi @militarpancho,

Which version of gravity are you using? Also can you share any logs or errors seen?

Assuming you are using the os edition you will need to first follow the offline update. Did you copy the updated version of the cluster image to one of the cluster nodes and then extract the tarball + execute the upload script?

Out of curiosity, were you able to trigger the operation from the command line following copying the cluster image into one of the cluster nodes and then executing ./upgrade?

I’m using 6.1.4 version. I have done the installation via cli, not web, the installation finish successfully without errors.

I follow the offline update, this is the logs after copying the updated version of the cluster image, extract and execute ./upload

Fri Oct  4 15:33:28 UTC	Importing application app v1.0.1-alpha.1
Fri Oct  4 15:36:47 UTC	Synchronizing application with Docker registry
Fri Oct  4 15:38:48 UTC	Application has been uploaded

But after doing this, nothing changes in the cluster admin dashboard.

I was able to trigger the operation from the command line with the upgrade script, and the process appears in the dashboard:

|Fri Oct  4 15:50:57 UTC|Importing application app v1.0.1-alpha.1|
|Fri Oct  4 15:50:57 UTC|Application already exists in local cluster|
|Fri Oct  4 15:50:57 UTC|Synchronizing application with Docker registry|
|Fri Oct  4 15:52:32 UTC|Application has been uploaded|
|Fri Oct  4 15:52:34 UTC|Upgrading application app from 1.0.0-alpha.1 to 1.0.1-alpha.1|
|Fri Oct  4 15:52:35 UTC|Deploying upgrade agents on the nodes|


The ./upload script just synchronizes the application with the master servers of the cluster. It’s sort of like staging the upgrade, where all the nodes have the files, but don’t being upgrading themselves. I don’t believe this leads to any changes in the UI.

I don’t think any of the current releases of gravity have a way to trigger the upgrade process from the UI directly. For offline cluster upgrades it’s common to simply copy the new tarball to the cluster, untar the file, and run ./upgrade to trigger the upgrade process.

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Okey, thanks for the info, simply i misunderstood this part of the docs:

An upgrade can be triggered either through Cluster Control Panel or using command line. To trigger the upgrade from the Control Panel, select an appropriate version on the "Updates" tab click

Anyway, using the cli trigger is also fine for me so no problem with that.