User define docker images/helm charts to import

I am using helm chart, gravity only imports images define in helm charts but if I want some other images that can run via job (trigger via Kubernetes Rest client ) they are not imported, what is the best way to import such images?
same goes for helm charts which are disabled by default but we have a config to turn it on.

As of the current release, gravity doesn’t have a way to explicitly set additional images to be vendored.

Currently, the recommended way to handle this, is to define an additional kubernetes object, such as a pod in the app directory, that contains all the additional containers you would like to vendor. The vendoring process when scanning the app directory, should find this object, and use it to load the defined images.

In you’re install hooks, simply don’t reference the pod, and it won’t be used, but the images will still be vendored and available in the local registry. And as a reminder, keep in mind when trying to add pods after, that they need to point to the in-cluster registry.