Using proxy as bastion for regular OpenSSH servers/clients


So I’m currently demoing teleport for our use and after reading issue #1497, other issues and official docs I ended up with the following setup:

demo-teleport: running teleport auth/proxy with the following /etc/teleport.yaml


  enabled: yes
  cluster_name: demo
    type: github
  session_recording: proxy
  proxy_checks_host_keys: no
  client_idle_timeout: 1h

  enabled: yes

  enabled: yes

test-node-for-teleport: standard ubuntu instance running openssh with TrustedUserCAKeys /etc/ssh/ added to sshd_config (and that pubkey created).

I can use tsh to login to that test node with tsh ssh -p 22 successfully. Recording and all appears to be kept track of.

However I’m unable to use the proxy directly with an SSH client:

~]$ ssh -o ForwardAgent=yes -J
channel 0: open failed: unknown channel type: unknown channel type: direct-tcpip
stdio forwarding failed
kex_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

I have the same use case as this guy in issue #2662, where I’d need to use teleport when provisioning infrastructure with terraform, and it looks like he’s also running into the same issue. However, the discussion and linked closed issues (#2543/#2873) in there seemed to indicate to me that this might have been resolved and that #2662 was just left open on accident. Wasn’t sure whether or not to post on Github so I’m posting here instead (since I’m also not 100% if I’m following the correct procedure to setup a teleport bastion for regular sshd servers).

Is there anything missing from/wrong with my setup and/or procedure?

Okay, turns out #2873 wasn’t merged into latest stable/4.0.8 but in the 4.1.0 prerelease. It appears to work fine with the beta! (although instead of -o ForwardAgent=yes I did end up using -f forward.config with Host\n ForwardAgent yes in forward.config as the documentation states.)

I haven’t tried with Terraform yet but I assume it’ll work just fine there, too.

Yeah - as you’ve noticed, the ProxyJump support won’t be released until Teleport 4.1 comes out (which should be quite soon) but if you use a 4.1.0 beta or build from source it should work fine.

Terraform should work fine - feel free to post again if you have any further issues and we’ll try to help :slight_smile:

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