Using several volumes fails in web installation

Hi!, I have a problem concerning volume mounts when using web-based installation…In my case I create 6, but all this 6 folders are bound to a unique same folder in the host. In the cli installation this is not happening for me, only web. I attach the nodeProfiles piece of my manifest in case it is useful:

- name: node
description: "General Purpose Worker Node"
  role: "worker"
    - description: Check Local Volumes
      script: |
        if [ ! "$(ls -A /mnt/local)" ]; then
          exit 0;
          echo "/mnt/local is not empty";
          exit 1;
    # Request these ports to be available
      - protocol: tcp
          - "443"
          - "80"
    min: 4
    min: "4GB"
    - path: /mnt/local/1
      targetPath: /mnt/local/1
    - path: /mnt/local/2
      targetPath: /mnt/local/2
    - path: /mnt/local/3
      targetPath: /mnt/local/3
    - path: /mnt/local/4
      targetPath: /mnt/local/4
    - path: /mnt/local/5
      targetPath: /mnt/local/5
    - path: /mnt/local/6
      targetPath: /mnt/local/6

Any update on this? Some kind of bug?

Hi @militarpancho!

Could you describe the issue you’re experiencing in a bit more detail? Do you mean that only 1 of the 6 mounts that you define is actually being mounted? If so, I would try specifying different names for your mounts using the “name” field on each mount in the manifest.

If that doesn’t help, or if that’s a different issue, please let us know. Also, a version of gravity you’re using would be helpful to know as well.


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Yes!!, using the “name” field in each volume solved the issue for me!! Thanks a lot!!!.

Anyways, the version I’m using is 6.2.2 and I describe the issue deeply just in case it was helpful. Without a name field, the volumes in the host overlap and the last defined is the only one present after installation. i.e, if you define that 6 volumes of the manifest without the “name” field, finally, there will be only one folder called /mnt/local/6 in the host and 6 folders (/mnt/local/[1-6]) present in planet (I figure out all bind mounted to /mnt/local/6). Adding the “name” field the folders creation is correct and the web installation works!!..

Thanks for the response, cheers

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