Webproxy_cert.pem & webproxy_key.pem

I am facing issue with two of my instance, when i join them to the teleport one get dis-sappers from the list i noticed that webproxy_cert.pem & webproxy_key.pem are same on the both the nodes. how can we change the both the pem files and generate new one.

This is unlikely to be what your actual issue is. Disappearing nodes is usually caused by a UUID conflict i.e. when the same host ID is used on multiple hosts. This often happens if you have copied /var/lib/teleport from one machine to another, or used the same base VM Image to deploy Teleport.

The fix for this is to stop Teleport, delete /var/lib/teleport on one of the nodes and then restart Teleport and rejoin the node to the cluster. This should generate a fresh UUID that will not conflict with an existing node.

webproxy_cert.pem and webproxy_key.pem are only used for presenting the HTTPS interface for the Teleport proxy service (that you might connect to on https://hostname:3080 for example) - you can change these by generating your own self-signed key pair using something like openssl, or maybe by getting certificates from LetsEncrypt using certbot. Teleport will also regenerate a new self-signed key pair for you when the proxy starts, if these files aren’t present.