What are the steps to upgrade Mattermost cluster

I deployed Mattermost sample following the steps in QuickStart section. But I couldn’t find steps on how to upgrade Mattermost cluster. Could anyone provide the steps?


I changed Mattermost app.yaml resourceVersion from 2.2.0 to 2.2.1. Run tele build and tele push. Then, on Ops centre, I’m seeing Mattermost application bundle version is changed to 2.2.1. But using Ops centre, how to update the Mattermost cluster? where is the UI to do that?

Tao, there are a couple of ways you could update the cluster listed


If your cluster is connected to the ops center, which you can check with gravity status, it’s as easy as running those two commands on the cluster:

gravity update download
sudo gravity upgrade

Let me know if that worked for you!

Thank you very much. It worked for you. :slight_smile:
Now, I have a new scenario, as part of the update process, I need to add 10 bare metal nodes. Is there a way to add 10 nodes at a time? Using the UI, it seems only 1 at a time…

If you use the CLI to expand the cluster, you can run multiple joins at the same time. Just make sure the gravity binary you copy is the same verison as the rest of the cluster: https://gravitational.com/gravity/docs/cluster/#adding-a-node

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