Where can I see the logs of my install script

I have an install.sh script that is called during installation of the gravity cluster. Where can I see the stdout logs for that script? Right now, I do a find on the entire filesystem but I was wondering if there was some easy way?

I see it sometimes in ‘/var/log/gravity-install.log’ but it is not updated in every run, at least on the same node.
What i do is:

  • cd /var/lib/gravity/planet/docker/containers
  • then I do a recursive grep for echo statements in my install script e.g. grep -r "my_debug_statement" .

If you’re invoking the script from inside the application install hook, then it will be part of the install job’s pod’s logs for your application which you can retrieve with kubectl logs --namespace kube-system <name-of-install-pod>.
Where name-of-install-pod is formed as <application>-install-<suffix1>-<suffix-2>.
Also, all container logs are aggregated by the build-in logging solution which should allow searching under the logging tab in cluster UI and from command line.